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Reducing individual and corporate carbon footprints and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions is no longer optional but a dire need shared by the entire planet. Pan European Carbon Fund helps direct all sustainability efforts into environmentally and commercially viable projects. Our scope does not focus on the micro aspects of climate change. Still, it aims to address it holistically through the development of sustainable Smart Green Cities across the world.

Climate change is one of the most imminent threats to the planet. Whereas the way we live and how we do business is the most eminent cause of it. In 2015 191 countries became signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels through regulated emissions cut targets by each country. However, as of July 30th, 2021, 81 of the 191 signatories failed to submit their CO2 reduction targets suggesting non-compliance to the agreement.

Amongst the several causes of the 81 signatories falling back on their mandate is the lack of Public Buy-in, limited accessibility to funding and unavailability sustainable initiatives and concepts.


It is a choice and we have the options. The first action towards a better earth comes through awareness of one’s own impact on the environment. Choose environmentally friendly options and opt out of the unnecessary.


There is no Zero Carbon way of life – but you can live a ‘Carbon Neutral’ lifestyle. Nature and the Environment works without geographical borders or boundaries. What impacts ‘One’, will eventually impact the ‘Other’. Offset your carbon footprint through Carbon Credits to help develop more carbon neutral environments and more environmentally friendly technologies.

Clean Energy

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Sustainable Living

Clean Energy


Any and all developments and inventions of the future have an organic mandate to reflect a future in which their value can be enjoyed. Make something of value – not just for a group, city or country, but something that adds to the sustainability of our wonderful planet.


We are all responsible – so let us all be involved. You are as important as the cause in this journey towards a rejuvenated planet. Be an advocate, an opinion, an influence a voice. Help the world understand that planetary preservation is not optional.

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